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Voltage Sensor #75
This voltage sensor module can detect voltage up to 5v. By connecting the voltage sensor to ..
USB To Serial Conversion Kit #110
This USB to serial adapter gets decent reviews, and works out of the box.  Nice split cable ..
Magnetic Sensor #86
The Magnetic Sensor can detect the presence of a Magnetic field up to 3 meters away. ..
Set of 2 Aluminum Long U-Bracket #65
Two pieces of aluminum alloy long U-shaped bracket compatible with RobotBase servos.  I..
R/C Individual Battery Cell Voltage Checker #98
This triple digit, seven segment display is designed for numeric indication on instruments, ..
Flame Sensor #76
The flame sensor can be used to detect fire or other wavelengths at 760 nm ~ 1100 nm.   ..
Quadrovox MP3 Playback Module #111
Quadrovox MP3 Playback Module with compact flash connector for audio storage. Use this module to ..
Zheng Electric Motor #87
Zheng Electric Motor ..
Set of 2 Aluminum Multi-Purpose Servo Bracket #66
Aluminum alloy multi-purpose servo bracket for mounting servos, ball bearing etc. Includes mo..
Sharp IR Sensor #99
The Sharp IR Sensor emits a pulse of light that, once reflected (or not reflected at all), can de..
IR Transmitter #77
The infrared transmitter emits an invisible infrared light that is picked up by IR receivers. Onc..
Beagle Board Rev B7 #113
Beagle Board, Rev B7   The BeagleBoard low-cost, fan-less single board computer util..
Buzzer Module #88
The Buzzer Module emits a continuous audible sound when it detects a certain signal. May be conne..
Set of 2 Aluminum Short U-Bracket #67
Aluminum alloy Short U-shaped steering gear bracket compatible with RobotBase servos. In..
Gas Sensor (Ethanol) #78
MQ-3 gas sensor can detect the presence of ethanol gas with extreme accuracy, even with othe..
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