32 Channel Servo Controller
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We are proud to offer this servo controller from RobotBase which supports 32 channels of high precision control for your servos.  The board accepts an ascii based protocol via it's RS-232 serial port to control each of the 32 servo channels.  (see below)  Commands may be grouped in one mesage, or sent independently.  Use our USB RS-232 serial adapter to control your board using a PC USB port.  Alternatively, send TTL level serial directly to the board via a jumper header.

The board supports two power sources, one for the servo controller itself, and the other for the servos.  This dual power feature is important for applications requiring many servos, since it provides moderate isolation between the servo power and the logic power on the PCB.   The board may be configured using on-board DIP swtiches for operation at 2400, 9600, 38.4K and 115K baud operation.  A convenient power switch and power supply terminals are included on board.  The pulse control signals are isolated from the microprocessor using drivers for added reliability.

32 Channel Servo Controller Quickstart Guide

32 Channel Servo Controller Protocol


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