Rover 5 Line Follower Kit
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SKU: RB-107R04

This kit includes enough parts for many different interesting robot projects.  The kit includes a Rover 5 with optical encoder on each track, which allows dead-reckoning experiments.  It also comes with a complete line follower kit with three floor mounted IR line following sensors, and three upper mounted obstacle IR avoidance detectors.  The kit includes the L298 Dual H-bridge Motor Driver, an Arduino "compatible" Duemilanove and a Sensor shield board which mounts to the controller board, and allows easy connection to the controller port pins.  Also inlcuded in the kit is a plastic mounting plate, and a sensor mounting bracket which includes brass mounting standoffs and misc screws and hardware.  All that you'll need is a bit of patience and a good rechargeable battery pack.  A 9.6V or 12VDC NiMH battery pack is ideal.  See the video below!



Quickstart Example Line Follower Code for Arduino Duemilnove

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