Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor
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+ -Digital signal output

+ -Connects with a high-performance SCM

+ -Single wire system serial interface

+ -small volume, low power consumption

+ -Can be directly connected with a sensor shield

Technical Specifications
Humidity range 20-90%RH
Temperature error 0-50 degrees Celsius
Input Voltage 5V
Features1 -Digital signal output
Features2 -Connects with a high-performance SCM
Features3 -Single wire system serial interface
Features4 -small volume, low power consumption
Features5 -Can be directly connected with a sensor shield

The digital temperature humidity sensor is a humidity and temperature compound sensor containing gauged digital signal output .

The sensor includes a humidity-sensitive element and a NTC temperature measurement element that connects with a high-performance SCM. This equipment has a Single Wire system serial interface, a small volume, low power consumption, and a signal transmission distance that can reach up to 20 meters.

It can be connected directly with a sensor shield.


Digital Temp Humidity Sensor Datasheet

Humidity range: 20-90%RH
Temperature error: 0-50 degrees Celsius
Input Voltage: 5V

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