PIR Motion Sensor Module
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SKU: RB-102S17

This PIR motion sensor can detect infrared radiation from humans and animals.  The sensitive motion detection circuitry provides a PIR motion detector function for your robot.  A simple three wire interface is all that is required.  The PIR module will operate on voltages as low as 3V and as high as 5VDC.  The output signal goes high when motion is detected.  After a specific time period, the output line will go low again.  The sensor module has a jumper position to detect re-triggerable mode, or non-retriggerable mode.  The output signal voltage is about 3V peak when the module is operated at 5VDC.  By rotating the Fresnel lens, detection range can be adjusted to be either further or wider.   Detection range is 12' nominally, and may be increased to 20' by adjusting the Fresnel lens.  The low power nature of the sensor means its well suited to low power battery applications.

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